Saturday, 20 March 2010

Review: Lush - French Kiss Bubble Bar

Why, hallo thar. Shall we get stuck in??

So this is Lush's French Kiss Bubble Bar (site link here!) and doesn't it look amazing?? Unfortunately, that's kind of where the amaze-ness ends for me...

Don't get me wrong, I am such a big lavender fan. I absolutely love almost everything lavender scented and so naturally, this should've been an easy bubble bar to repurchase. This is not the case :( Sadly, the lavender scent of this product does not fit any lavender scent I've ever smelled. Not even that 'fake' lavender smell that people usually dispise. Even with that little sprig of real lavender, it doesn't hit the right spot for me.

I opted to have a bubble bath today whilst I'm at home but also because of my giant headache. I thought a nice relaxing lavender scented bath would swallow my aches and pains and let me sleep in peace tonight. I tried to do the same method I use when bathing with a bubble bar: crumble up about a half palm-size chunk into an empty tub and then turn on the tap to induce the bubble creation! Do you want to know what happened??

I do love the shape of this bubble bar and its shaped like those little chocolate Hershey's Kisses which is very cute. I had previously used the tip in a bath a while ago. I do remember it being quite difficult to break off but I thought it would be okay today. Apparently not! I had to really apply pressure to force the bar to break. I used half of the bottom chunk I had left and the water wasn't really changing a pretty colour so I thought I'd just chuck it all in since the smell wasn't particularly appealing to me. I ended up holding a few big chunks under the tap directly to dissolve it which is not great for the back if your hunched over! (It may have been because it had been sitting in my drawer for quite some time now... at least 6 months but probably more! However my The Comforter hasn't been difficult to break up and I got them at the same time.)

I have to give it credit for the bubbles though! There was a lot and so fluffy and light!! I did get a silky feeling to my skin in the water, but since I've left the tub my skin has reverted to a dry top layer. I think its safe to say there are no moisturising properties with this one.

This product is currently on the Lush website at £3.85 per bar. I think that's a little on the expensive side for Lush and I definately won't be repurchasing. (According to the picture above they're $8.95! Way to much I think!!) I'll stick to The Comforter which has a much better scent, better colouring and still manages to give me amazing bubbles with only a little chunk crumbled in!

Have you ever tried this??
What are your thoughts?

Love love and Lushlove!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. I want to venture into lush theres a shop near by too. What is your favourite bar/bomb from lush?

  2. @Ami my favourite bubble bar has to be The Comforter! It's amaze-balls! :D I'm not really into bath bombs though!

  3. Everyone talks about the Comforter!
    I've not joined the Lush bandwagon yet... Perhaps I should ;o
    Would you recommend any other products?

  4. That looks so good. I'm gonna have to try it out now. Love the blog by the way xxx