Wednesday, 10 March 2010

London Fashion Week 2010

Well, hey :)

There is a lot of things that I've wanted to blog about a while back but you know, life got in the way!! Again uni is piling work into my piehole XD So a neglected blog happened. Again, this will be a pretty long post with many photos!

However, I did get a tumblr though where I probably won't post much make-up related stuff but you can follow my tumblr life if you like :D

Right onto what I really want to talk to you about!! So two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to a great event!!

This event was to see a presentation at London Fashion Week!! The show was Rachel Freire AW10. The AW10 means Autumn/Winter 2010 - yes, Americans, we call it Autumn, not 'fall' :D

Got quite a few pictures of the clothes that Freire created. They were very innovative and rather crazy, but we all liked them :)

Oh and by we I mean: Sophie (sophieismadeup - she's recently changed the name of her blog, it used to be beautymarked19), Zoe (zoella), Fei (peoniesandlillies), Helen (cherrychan108), Vicky (Vanity-Fashionista) and Fran (who is a best friend but hasn't started writing yet!). I didn't manage to get a pic of all of us, but Vicky did.
(L-R: Vicky, Fran, Zoe, Sophie, Me, Fei and Helen)

Fran and I got a nice picture together and I got an awesome shot of Zoe taking a shot of me :P
Here are a select few of the numourous bad shots I got:
(fyi: the models weren't covered with lights, its reflective material that my flash picked up)

Jack Saundercock (head make-up artist for the show) invited us all to go backstage after the models had shown - walked through individually, then all together posing for photographs at the end - to talk to him and the hair team, who were from Tony&Guy, about the look they created to compliment the clothes. I took some footage of this which should be inserted below:

The presentation was sponsored by Dermalogical and Jemma Kidd :)
This is the face charts for the look they used!
These skulls were filled with wine!

Jack was lovely to meet and really great in his explanations of what he did with the models. They all looked amazing!

These two outfits I was particularly fond of! The one resembling an American football player with the huge shoulders that sparkle and this one covered in reflective wires.

It was a great day and an fun experience that I'm glad I grabbed!

Love love and fashionlove!
Toffee xXxXx

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