Tuesday, 9 February 2010

NOTD! 9th Feb 2010 :D

In my previous post here, I showed you my new nail polish and a NOTD photo. Well, I am a little disappointed with the nail polish, but what should be expected from a £1 bottle from George Asda's range??

Even with the streaky brush, I did get pretty much even coverage. It lasted until Sunday, so it was good for 2-3 days without chipping which I think is a pretty long time for a bad nail polish! I think I had a few coats of top coat on it but still!! So it's pretty good for a very cheap polish, but I don't think I'll be buying anymore from Asda!

I had to take it off because chipped nail polish looks nasty and I don't like it flaking off randomly! Also, I start to pick at it and that weakens your nails... I've worked so hard to strengthen my nails that I can't go back now!!!!

My friends who look at my nails always seem quite amazed that they're not fake because I groom them well and keep them rather neat! Also, I shape them square so I guess that could be why. They're rather thick from years of Nail Envy treatment ^_^ (I drink a lot of full fat milk too though!)

I didn't go back to my beloved O.P.I. because I had a mature-ish Max Factor nailfinity nail polish to try from the latest Aussie event that I went to (see post here). So I put on the beautiful nude colour in 223 See Through Peach just to keep them looking tidy and shiny! I don't like the look of my bare nails anymore. I find nude nail polish lengthens my fingers rather nicely, but having a solid plain colour makes me feel a little boring!

*O.P.I. Natural Nail Base Coat (I'm trying to use this up, not particularly fond of it!)
*Max Factor nailfinity in 223 See Through Peach
*17 Double Gloss Top Coat (BEST EVAR!!)

I mentioned this on Twitter (follow me if ya like!) and @charlenejudith replied this to me: "@moonbeamstrlite Haha. I did that last night! You can do navy blue French tips! Or those cute little lace designs from stickers/ stamps." I had totally forgotten about these cute stickers of flowers and dragonflies I had bought myself a while ago! I think I'm done for tonight, but I might apply some on Friday if I still don't like the plain block colour for Chinese New Year this weekend!!

I am very excited!!!

Do you celebrate the lunar new year too??

Love love and naillove!
Toffee xXxXx

P.S. Made this picture in Paint and I am very proud of it :P LOL!


  1. I have that george nail polish, I havent used it though!

  2. Ahh I have quite a few of those nail stickers too! I should really start getting more use out of them! :)

  3. your nails look so pretty in the second picture x

  4. Hey Doll! I love the George Nail polish, and yes your nails dont even look real, they are perfect! hehe Im a new follower, just showing your blog some lovies! Im a newbie, you can check me out on my blog and twitter too! :)


    XoXo, Suzanna

  5. Great post.. the nail art is gorgeous, check out my latest post at my terible first attempt at nail art, how do you do it? xx

  6. love the stickers!! :)

  7. that's amazingg! you are so talented! <3

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