Friday, 5 February 2010

New toy??

Okay, so the latest craze that has been spinning round my head since before IMATS is getting a new video camcorder as I am currently using my Canon PowerShot SD1000. This wonderful thing has served a great purpose for me and been on many fun days (and nights) out!! You can tell I've had it a few years as it has been a little battered including a scratch on the screen from when I dropped it before... >.<
Anyway, everytime I take it out with me now, I get scared that I'm going to lose it or break it or something will happen to it! What would I do without it?!?!?!

Since I haven't had any opportunity to upgrade this little gadget yet, I've been researching Flip cameras. They are very cool cameras which are pocket-sized and perfect for on-the-go people :) Simple to use (just point and shoot basically!), it has a flip out - hence the "Flip" - usb adapter to plug straight into a computer :D The only down sides are that it uses AA batteries (which can be charged within the camera when plugged in) and there is no removeable memory. I've read the camcorder has inbuilt editing software to cut clips which is also launched on the computer when plugged in ^__^ So all-in-all, a camera I think I would get along very well with!!

There are two I'm split between:
Flip Video Ultra Camcorder, 2nd Generation with 4GB Memory (in Fuchsia Pink, obvi!)

Flip Video Ultra High Definition Camcorder with 8GB Memory (only available in black or white)

Okay, so on paper, the very obvious choice is the second one. More memory, HD etc. But in reality, some websites say the first one also is HD picture. And the fact that I would like it because its pink is a big pro in my book! Haha!! Black looks very chic though! I've gone off pink phones and love the sexy black of my iPhone so I'm thinking I may grow out of liking the pink camera too.

Have you got a Flip camcorder?? Any recommendations for other pocket camcorders??

Love love and cameralove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. awww the pink one is sooo cute haha! but i think if i had to choose one i would go for the black with more GB! :) you could bling it up with some pink gems and i think it would still look very chic and cute ^__^