Wednesday, 3 February 2010

IMATS Haul!!

Here's the video I made about this:

On the most recent Sunday (of writing this post, so January 31st 2010) was the second day of the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show (IMATS). I went along to Alexandra Palace where they were holding the show with Helen (cherrychan108 youtube blog) and Vicky (vanity-fashionista). It was such a great day got to meet some great gurus: Suzi (suzit86 stylesuzi youtube blog), Koren (enkoremakeup), Richie (whatstyleistonickel), Gail (ooglemakeup), Claire (moodeve), Klaire (klairedelysart) and Nic and Sam (pixiwoo). At one point we were practically all together and it felt like a YouTubers gathering! Haha!! It's something that we said we should organise and do sometime in the future! Wouldn't that be great fun?? A little like vidcon, but YTcon! And all of us could meet the greats :D

L to R: Gail, Koren, Richie, Klaire, Vicky, Helen
Me, Helen and Vicky
Helen, Me, KlaireNicola, Me, Sam (Pixiwoo)
Gail, Koren, Richie, Me, Klaire, Vicky
Claire (moodeve) and I

Obviously, I did do a little purchasing too! I don't think I got as much as I thought I might, but I spent about £150 (including the ticket to enter) which is less than I expected to!

Brushes!! IMATS was brush heaven with over half the stores being about the brushes! And some, like Crown Brush were huge!

They ranged from some cheaper ones from around £3 to some amazing quality ones that came to about £70. All the ones I bought, bar one, were under £10.

I did go to Crown Brush and purchased the majority (4) of my brushes from this store:
*Mini Fan Brush -£3
*Blender Brush -£4

*Double-ended Foundation/Concealer Brush -£5*MAC 138 Dupe -£14

I bought another two brushes from which are both flat top kabukis.
*BKabuki-19 (smaller) -£5
*BKabuki-20 -£5

I didn't seek out to buy this next item, but both Helen and Vicky wanted this so we went on a little hunt and found a store (based in London! website) with 35% of Make Up For Ever (MUFE) at the show!!
Yes, it's the wonderous HD High Definition Foundation! Which was reduced to £18.17 from £27.xx!! So you can already see a great bargain! I picked the shade #120 Soft Sand. I tried this out yesterday (FOTD post) and I already really like it!! I hope I won't like it too much because I don't think I have the money to buy an almost £30 foundation every few months!

The three of us (Helen, Vicky and I) got a great deal on Embryolisse Lait-Creme so I only paid £8.30 for a 75ml tube!

We also manage to nab a deal where we each paid £45 for 2 sets of Naked Cosmetics pigments and something else. The deal was £135 for 6 sets of pigments, two brushes, an eye primer and a mineral foundation. So I got the two brushes and these are synthetic angled liners.

The two sets I picked are Desert Sunsent and Broadway.
*Desert Susent
(L to R: #DE-01, #DE-02, #DE-03, #DE-04, #DE-05, #DE-06)

(L to R: #BW-01, #BW-02, #BW-03, #BW-04, #BW-05, #BW-06)

Also got a few freebies because of Koren :D
*Tropical Indulgence
(L to R: #TI-01, #TI-02, #TI-03, #TI-04, #TI-05, #TI-06)

*Mineral Powder Foundation in #MPF-04

Illamasqua had a great discount on their stall at the show so I picked up two things:
*Eyelashes -£10

*Blush in Hussy -£9.50

And that's all I got! Very pleased with my purchases :D

Some photos from the show:

Ever tried any of these products or brands??

Love love and haullove!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. awww nice things!!!
    your such a cute guru on youtube:-)
    how is UK?

  2. hey cool haul i went to the IMATS on saturday i actually bought the small fan brush and the blending brush too, ima do a haul post n vid sn :)

  3. Great post! btw, I think I should have said this earlier but my first name is actually Claire ; D

    I am now regretting not having a look at the MUFE fdn esp as it was such a great discount! I wld love to see what you thought of it