Friday, 26 November 2010

Blue is the new envy...

Hello! Pre-post warning, this is a little bit picture heavy, but I love photos! Don't you?

Yesterday, I took a little shopping trip with my friend Larissa, who also blogs (but in Portuguese as she is Brazilian)! We also stopped by Pizza Express for dinner! Yum...

The only place I bought was Superdrug! I took a look around and Larissa nabbed the last Dusky Mauve (313) Barry M nail paint for me! She knew my sister-in-law wanted it and so I bought it for her, along with the Nail Effects (311) for myself! Larissa had shown me hers and I got very excited by it, so I'm glad I got it! I'm sure you've all seen it before, but I will probably be posting some pics with colours that I think will work with it :)

This is the Dazzle Dust I got. (3 for 2 on all cosmetics!) The lighting is awful as I was taking these in the dim Pizza Express lights... but the colour is a gorgeous intense blue. The shade is 22, named Electric Blue. I am so envious of blue eyes, and the closest I can get having blue eyes is either blue contacts or blue eyeshadow. So for now, whilst I don't quite have enough to spend on contacts, I shall stick to eyeshadow! Hopefully I will be able to post some pics of any looks I create! Excited much? YES!!!

Larissa wanted to check out the new Tartan sets collection, so we popped into Selfridges.

This is the palette she bought, with two blushers and one face powder. I have to admit, the packaging is quite nice. I like the furry feel and the badge! The full-size mirror has also got me tipping over the edge, but alas I didn't spend any monies.

Take a closer look! Sorry about the lighting again... This is the Hark The Heraldry Face Kit!

We did also stop by Primark, but I didn't buy anything! However, I bought these booties from Primark when I went last weekend with my housemate... oops!

They look so cute though, right?? I spotted a khaki green and a dark grey version too!

I tried to be artistic with this photo, but the unsteady hand and the dirty mirror didn't really help...

I miss ballet... and well all dancing! I was actually tapping in the street this morning as I was waiting for the bus since it was so cold and my toes were freeeeeeeezing!
But for £15, Primark has done it again. Only downside is they're quite tight around the ankles and so unless you're super skinny then its only tights, leggings and jeggings with these. Probs skinny jeans too!

Here we have some random pics from the last two days :)

Went to Hamley's!
So this Lego dude was quite little, but he was made out of LEGO!!!!! I love Lego. I really do. I wish it would go back to the old style! My brother used to make space ships :)

Because I think this is adorable!!!! I wanted to buy a Christmassy one, or a My Melody one! They have My Melody's in the Build-a-bear workshop and I might have to get one... LOL

I do really like the star net lights, but the Narnia displays are a bit rubbish...


Oh damn. I totally forgot what store this is, but it's on Regent Street. I LOVE the doorway!

What do stars do? They shine!
(I hope you know this quote isn't actually from Stardust...)

Love love and bluelove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. great post and i agree you can never have too many photos "A picture tells a thousand words" :)
    Looks like u had a fab time i love barry m looks like you got some good buys x

  2. Getting more and more in the Xmas mood, especially after these images!

    Charlene xxxxxx

  3. omg there well nice!! ♥
    its nice seeing everyone get into the christams mood ^^

    Hope you can join my blog i just started... hope you'll like my future blog :) :)

    Please subcribe to mine ♥

    Thank you x

  4. hehe loove hello kitty stuff! can't get enough of it, recently received a Hello Kitty advent calendar for the run up to xmas :) I am obsessed with Barry M nail effects, recently did a post where I applied it on gold & it lookd awesome. If you have a mo, do chek it out if you like :)

    Aysh xoxo

  5. The Narnia displays might be better if they had Ben Barnes on them! :D