Friday, 12 November 2010

# Life can be magical... $

Yes, I know. I fail at my online life.

I leave for a few weeks, I hit Oxford Street yesterday, and its Christmas already??
I have to say I do love those umbrellas made up of lights! Reminds me of Mary Poppins :)

This is the pretty view from Primrose Hill, soon after I got back from Malaysia!

Here is another, but this time the sky changed as the sun was setting. Beauts.

This is a cutie little puppy chihuahua-sized, named Alfie! SO CUTEEE!!

My current nail design (as of 18th Nov, it's still on my nails right now!) which I think is simple and pretty elegant! Although it is rather simple to do, my right hand didn't turn out as well as my left... I may do a tutorial? It's so easy though, do you really need one?

I used O.P.I. Nail Lacquer in You're A Doll! and Inglot Nail Art Polish in 29 White.

Here is my Toffee's Top Ten for October 2010. Sorry about my phone. Please deal with it, or don't watch. It's only about 10-20secs and comes in twice. Okay, three times... and the lighting does get better! I promise!!!

I thought this was such a sweet message! It was pretty yummy too, but I think I'll save my pennies for when the Malteasters return! Bunnies away!!!

Love love and longtimelove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. love tha nail art and the choccy message is way cute :)

  2. I love that you're now more active in blogspot. Keep up the good posts!! xx

  3. hi ling. great to see u r posting on ur blog. miss u, hope u can do more videos but i know u hv work. take care, n im so excited to see oxford street, i'm going to the uk next month :D:D

  4. The chocolate is yummy! They sell it at my college :O But it's expensive for what it is! x

  5. Ahh Primrose Hill looks beautiful :)