Tuesday, 23 November 2010

* London Eye at Night with Aussie & Fireworks! *

The very lovely Emma from Aussie kindly invited all the angels to a bonfire night "Take the Heat" VIP event! They had two events, and I attended the London one which took place at the London Eye!

This is the eye from the ground as we gathered before we took a ride around :)

You might recognise these gorgeous faces! Natalya from filthygorgeousmakeup and Amber who is one of the Aussie stylists!

It was amazing being so high up at night! And it was rather clear, considering :)

I brought along my housemate, Viv! Isn't she so cute? She makes the BEST tea!

The Aussie girls booked out two pods so we were seperated for a while (there was 50 of us!) but here you can see the other group :) well, kinda...

We had a lot of champagne that night! And they had some very interesting canapes too! The views were beautifully breath-taking and there were fireworks popping up everywhere upon the skyline! We also got to go around twice, which was awesome!!!

We then headed for Covent Garden and everyone assumed we were getting public transport, but we all gasped and squealed when we realised where we were being led!
Straight to two giant Hummer limosines!!!
There was a white one two :) And of course I do a cheer pose!

This is inside the limo where we chatted and drank more champs!

Check it out! It's like they were trying to get us drunk or something!!!

We made it to the bar where we were greeted with yet MORE champs and a few more foodie bits! There were sequins on the table so I put one on my face :D

This is another angel, who I have forgotten the name of! Damn the champs lol!

It was such a good night, but I had to leave early as Viv had friends coming over! We were a little tipsy on the way home though :P Thanks Aussie!!! x

On the Saturday 6th Nov, the other housemate and I took a little trip to Battersea with some friends to watch the awesome 20 minute firework display! I managed to get a couple of songs on video so these shall be up soon! For now, enjoy these piccies :)

How good are my photography skillz??

Fireworks are so pretty! They went really high and the noise didn't even bother me :)


And here are a few more pics, just because.

Viv: Let me take a picture of you getting in!

Longing for Big Ben!

I there, smiling! Can you see me?


I really do love Big Ben!

It's just so pretty :)

Anyway, here is a song I've been obsessed with for the last two days. It's so cute!

Hope you enjoy!

Love love and fireworkslove!!
Toffee xXxXx