Saturday, 27 November 2010

Guess where I went to... $

Go on, I dare you to guess!!!

Haha! This was two weeks ago actually, but I'm trying to spread my blog posts out a bit. Besides, this isn't really much to do with beauty. I just want to share some piccies :)

My housemate, Viv (who you will see below and have seen in some other blog posts too), and I took a little trip to Bournemouth whilst it wasnt too cold.

The sea wasn't so friendly, but it was super pretty!

It was just so fun to be spontaneous (we only decided to go the night before) and adventurous!

Of COURSE I had to do some cheer poses by the sea :D

This is called a wing-man!

Got a bit chilly and thirsty, so we stopped by Weatherspoons for hot choccie! The barmaid gave us extra cream because she made us wait ages since they didn't have any cups XD Heart-attack in a lick!

Twas yummy though!!

I wrote my name in the sand :)

Check out my handy work!! Pro, right? I have been writing my name like this for years now! I quite like the rock on the right side of the 'n' too. Adds a touch more... beachy-ness!

Gosh, can you tell I love red skies? Makes me happy :)

This cheer pose is 'the pizza box'. Haha!

Viv and I in front of the beauts sky!

And just so this still has a beauty element to it, here is my latest video if you haven't seen it.

I'm sorry about the annoying phone!!!! I can't help it now :( I will throw my phone to the other side of the room for my next video!

Love love and Bournemouthlove!!

Toffee xXxXx


  1. haha, your outfit was so cute!

  2. The photos are really pretty, i have a lot of fun XD
    The chocolate looks yummy *.*

  3. Looks like a really fun trip, love the outfit as well, really cute with the skirt and boots combo x

  4. It looks so pretty! I love the shoes! Where are they from?