Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Ugg Spring Summer 2012

The new Spring Summer collection from Ugg has arrived!!!!!!!

Mandy, (my friend, Fi) & I sauntered down Knightsbridge to the flagship Ugg store so take a closer look...

When you think of Ugg, you immediately think of sheepskin boots. For spring/summer, Ugg have brought some really cute wedges and flip flops to roll out into our wardobes. 

To go with the shoes, we have some matching bags - I thought this little handkerchief tie bag was adorable! 

And Ugg also has a range of jackets, parkas and coats to suit the spring weather in the UK to keep you cosy, dry and fashionable at the same time :)

This one is a mix between a poncho and a jacket - it has a belt that pulls the waist in, bringing your figure to the surface. 

As we mosied around the store, we were treated with cute little canapes including these mini lemon meringue pies which were a little too sour for me, but still good nevertheless!

The design of this scarf is beautiful - the orange and blue feathers really bring a splash of colour to any outfit without being to bold.

These understated shoes would look very pretty for everyday wear and the height isn't un-walkable as it has a platform under the toe area. 

These boots are made with a tweed material with a lace up back which I love! The sole does have the sheepskin fluffy interior so its super soft and squishy when you walk down the street. The tweed is so different - I've never seen it on a shoe before. 

And I just had to throw in these navy blue sheepskin boots which I think are fabulous!! They'd go awesome with skinny jeans :D

They also had a fun photobooth so Mandy, Fi & I got in and took a few snaps :P

Champagne is always a winner...

It was a fabulous evening and I loved opening up my eyes to the other products Ugg sell! I hope this brings a new perspective to you too :)

Love love and Ugglove!!
Toffee xXxXx

PS I was sent home, tipsy as, with a beautiful blue scarf - which I have yet to photograph... a new post will be coming up soon!

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