Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A bit dotty... NOTD

This weekend I spent my time with Mandy because the Bristol YouTube gathering had taken place!

My nails were peeling so when I reached Mandy's house, we had a little manicure sesh and I created this little design :)

I got a lovely few compliments on it and I love this blue - shall have to pick it up myself! (It's from Barry M but I can't quite remember which colour it was as Mandy has three similar ones, but it may have been 306 Blueberry Ice Cream)

The dots were very easy to create, I used Mandy's WAH Nail Art pen and used the nib end to dab little white spots all over my nails.

I could maybe make a tutorial... and I think I can come up with a slightly easier why to get the dots the same size (and not using a nail art pen) but it is rather easy. Let me know if you would like one!

Love love and dottylove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. Love the nails! They look so cute!

    I keep meaning to make attempts of nail art but never seem to have the time!

    Nail art tutorials would be good :)


  2. I love your nails! Tutorial please! =D

  3. Very cute! And I love that ring of yours! More nail tutorials would be nice. =]

  4. Eek! This is too cute! I think it would work if you dipped the thicker end of a toothpick into the white.. then you get uniform circles.

  5. YOu can use the round of the end to create the big dots, and stick the sharp end into the rubber on the of a pencil. :)