Monday, 7 March 2011

Haul: Gilly Hicks & MAC!

Did I? :P

Took a sneaky little trip to Westfield and made a few purchizzles. First up, I was very excited to visit Gilly Hicks. I first noticed this store when randomly walking past thinking it looked an awful lot like Hollister! Went inside and felt the materials. ZOMG. SO. SOFT.

When I was paying, the tills were flashing with:
Gilly Hicks
the cheeky cousin of
Abercrombie & Fitch

I thought that was really cute and so is the 'packaging'!

I love the design on the bag and the handles are awesome! This is the kind of bag I expect from an expensive/luxurious shop! Retailers, take note here. The bag is made with thick strong cardboard, not rippable paper. The handles are soft to hold and strongly attached. The print is also beautiful and I would definitely reuse this gorgeous thing!

Right, before I orgasm over the bag (LOL), let me show you what I bought!

These are Gilly Hicks Sweatpants.

When you click onto the Sweatpants section on the website, the description reads:
Gilly Hicks sweatpants are the perfect combination of soft and sexy. Every pair is designed with a cheeky butt fit, for the hottest look on campus.

I completely agree! When I was trying these on in the changing rooms, I did admire my derrière thinking it looked pretty good :P

This particular design is the Cheeky Butt Boot and I chose Navy as they can be worn with a lot of clothes. Not a big fan of grey.

Not really a big fan of clothing with numbers on that don't mean anything to me, but these sweatpants are literally the best ones I've ever owned. They beat my Jack Wills :O

And there was a 3 for £12 on the Down-Undies - super cute name! - so I grabbed a trio of the same style in different colours.

I believe these are in the style of Audrey (Shine Bloomer Bikini). They have a silk like feel and the print is just super pretty, don't ya think?!

The print has Gilly Hicks written in a beautiful font dotted around the fabric. I love the subtle branding!

After getting home, I unpacked the bag to find what I think is a wonderful marketing device.

Advertising in the bottom of the bag! Awesome :)

Just a few negatives about the store... it's hard to find things. The store is dark, just like Hollister, and the sales assistant that greats you does not offer you a torch. It's like they can't afford real lighting, even though you know it's dark mahogany furnishings cost a fortune! (Or look like they do...) And it's VERY warm in there. Are they trying to create an Australia atmosphere? Maybe it's so the girls aren't shivering in their very cute but skimpy (for UK) dresses. Or so that when you get changed/try things on (especially their underwear) you're not chilled? Suffice to say, it was a bit too hot for me. But then again, I am temperature sensitive...

On my way out of the shopping centre, I spotted MAC and decided I should go look at the Wonder Woman collection (again). The new Lady Gaga Viva Glam lippy and gloss was out, but I bypassed it as nude really isn't my shade and there was a slight crowd around that first promotional/collection table.

I spotted the Cremeblend Blushes and I just started swatching! I played with three and decided the others in the collection were just not my colour. The second one I touched instantly took me with the colour on my skintone. Hello new blush :)

This is Something Special. But it really is something special.

I mean, it's called "Something Special".

But the gorgeous peachy pink that suits my skin tone perfectly, really is something special!

Here is a swatch. Gorgeous!!!

The colour in this picture has not been edited. And a close-up.

It leaves a slight shine, however the cream does kind of dry to a powder finish, like most cream blushes. I am going to be using this for the next week, at least. Loves it!

And here are some pictures:

Thinking about chopping my hair to this length. It's a bit too long ATM!

Wake up it's a beautiful morning ^^

My daddy bought this in Hong Kong ages ago and only just put it in his car :P

Giant Hello Kitty in some toy store that I want in my room to cuddle forever!

Shared a Sugar & Cinnamon Pretzel from Mr. Pretzel

Saw this shirt in Topshop and wished I could buy every one of you one!

Red Velvet Cupcake from the Hummingbird Bakery. Delish! *licks lips*

Let me know what you think ^^

Love love and haullove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. cute undies! Has a spring feel to it!

  2. Why have i never heard of Gilly Hicks? Looks like you got some really nice things from there...I clearly NEED to check this place out lol x

  3. Never heard of it but going to check out their down-undies now (LOL love the name too)! :)

  4. Hi I'm a newbie to blog, but I've subscribed to your YouTube channel for a long time ago, nice videos! Please do more monthly favorites~ =)

    My name's Fiona, and I'm form HK, nice to meet you. =)

    You've got a very nice morning view, I hate living in HK, buildings are too tall here, even though I live near the Victoria Park... =(

    Oh, and by the way, could you please teach me where to get a nice blog design like yours? Mine is a little boring.

    Thanks and have a nice day! =)

    xoxo FiFi.

  5. ohh how i love everythink you brought! :D and your hair is super pretty! i think you would suit either :) aand im a new follower! im lovvinng your bloog :D x xx