Thursday, 17 March 2011

Welcome to the Atomic-Botanical Wastelands

When I received another invite from Illamasqua, I jumped at the chance of seeing the latest offerings this fantastic make up artistry brand had to give!

I just adore the weird and wacky promo images (the above two taken from the film) and the decorated the lower gallery of The Air Gallery in a beautifully haunting way!

The tables/mushrooms were covered with enchanting butterflies, beetles and other crazy creatures, such as that bright pink dragon lizard that reminds me of the dinosaur in Jurassic Park - you know which one!

With pollution ever growing, what would happen if the world developed because of it?

I love how the collection was displayed for all of us bloggers to feel the products and the location was really bright and a great space to see everything.

The collection was actually split into two sections:
Swampy, beigey shades and the bright, acidic poisonous colours!

This was the first item I swatched and the one I vividly remember. Someone (can't quite remember who) came up to me and told me I had to try this!

It's a gorgeous anti-eyeliner and something I definitely want to get my hands on soon! It is the Precision Ink in Glister and with the different angles of light, it gives a different finish! It lasts really well and would be great to inject light to the eye, instead of the usual dark black heavy lines that squeeze my eyes into tiny things (which is why you'll rarely see me wear it!).

These are brand new products from Illamasqua called Cream Pigments. There are 6 in this collection and they're really fun to use in many different ways - eyeshadow (base or otherwise), corrective concealer, blusher, bronzer, lip colour, coloured mascara, temporary hair colour (just for streaks, I don't think you can do your whole head with it).

Then we come to another amazing creation - the Illamasqua Nail Varnishes (I love that they still call them varnish!). There are actually 5 colours in total, I just didn't realise one was missing when I snapped this shot :( From left to right, we have Gamma, Stagnate, Purity and Radium. The missing colour is Bacterium which is pretty much a liquid version of Hollow from the cream pigments, basically Glister... : Pearlescent Ash Ochre.

Illamasqua had a couple of lovely WAH Nails girls on hand to give us manicures with the new polishes. However, I didn't get a chance to get mine done :( Besides, I had glitter polish on and would've had to sit there for a good few minutes for the removal! I managed to grab some hand shots of two gorgeous girlies that did get theirs done!

Leanne from Do Not Refreeze (above) is supporting Gamma

And here is Zara from Just a bowl of Mouldy Fruit wearing Purity :)

Also, the lovely Candida from Hell Candy swatched the lip products and generously modelled for me! They are seriously this bright and have not been touched up! Amazing.

These are the lipsticks in Atomic and Flare :P

And these are the sheer lipglosses in Torture and Divine!

Ooh! Goodies!!!! I LOVE how they personalized everybody's goody bag! Makes me feel special :)

Mmm, two of the Cream Pigments I wanted! That's a WIN right there!

Gamma is something that will fit nicely in my collection! It may not be something I'd wear on its own, but I can't wait to do some nail art with it!

With the help of one Miss Milly from Pearls and Poodles, I rode the Tube (and one bus) home with Cream Pigments streaked through my fringe :P

They had streaked it through blonde hair, but I don't think anyone tried it on dark hair so I thought I should! It looks so awesome with how pigmented it showed up :P The PR girls were snapping pics of me, hehe!

There were two models being worked on by some great make up artists and although this is not the finished product, it still looks great! So friendly and talking about the products and how she used them, I learned a lot! So creative ^_^

Will you be picking up anything from the Illamasqua Toxic Nature collection??

Love love and toxicnaturallove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. Wow I love the giant mushrooms! So so cool!
    I love all the nail polishes, they are amazing colours xx

  2. ah lovely post honey and your hair did look AMAZING if I do say so myself :) xo

  3. can't wait to get purity!! xxxx

  4. Looks like you had a great time!!!
    I'm drooling here over all of these great products. *_* (hehe your hair's cute too ^^)

  5. ahh i love your hair! i cant believe there cream pigments! thats crazy pigmention! :) x xx