Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Butterfly Fly Away NOTD & New Hair!

Woop! New hair :D

My good friend Mandy gave me a 30% Voucher for Sean Hanna salons so I booked my appointment and went for it!

I knew I wanted a dramatic cut as I was sick of it being so long! I will take pictures of what it looks like after a week :)

I really enjoyed the salon experience and so I will be writing a review on it soon.

I found these gorgeous nail art decos in my nail drawer and they inspired me so I did this design!

A little different on each hand and I slightly copied bubzbeauty's fly-line idea because it was so cute!

So here's her tutorial :)

It was a lot harder to do my left hand :P

So what do you think of my new hair??

Love love and hairlove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. your hair is gorgeous! <3

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous! :)

    The nail art is awesome! Really cute!


  3. Your hair looks great and very sexy.
    Love those butterfly decals.

  4. your hair is so nice! i love it! i should go for the cut too as mine is quite long. and woah you have a nice friend to give you 30% voucher haha x x x

  5. wow hair looks fabulous and how cute are your nails?!!

  6. Your hair looks really good. I need my cut again because the last time it was done my hairdresser didn't take enough off so it's still quite thick and long. I love your nails as well. xxx

  7. you have really shiny hair, I recently took the plunge and dyed my hair pretty much black!! Im not sure if it suites me though!!! But you have lovely hair. xxx

  8. I love your new hair! It looks very pretty on you~ ^^

  9. i totally love your hair! I also got really long hair and i also thinkin about to go short ^^.
    And cute nailss!

  10. wow your hair looks really shinny, and healthy!