Sunday, 6 March 2011

I wanna put on a tight skirt and flirt OOTD

with a stranger... :P

The other day, my housemate text me on her way home saying The Slug and Lettuce has a Monday special (50% off food) and we should go there for dinner.

So, with a quick change, brush of mascara and swipe of lipstick I documented my outfit :)

* Red Tank Top from H&M
* Long Black Cardigan from H&M
* Black "Figure-fit" Skirt also from H&M
* Red Butterfly Clasp Belt from New Look
* Black Tights from New Look

* Black Strappy Platform Heels from a store in Malaysia

I liked this shot, but it looked really boring in colour. I think the black and white effect makes me look more artistic :P

And because I would totally recommend the food, this is what I had:
Chicken breast in a creamy smoked Applewood cheese & bacon sauce, in an open puff pastry pie, served with garden peas and chips.

Mmm... delish!

We actually ended up in a cocktail bar after we had eaten and had a jolly old time! What a fun and spontaneous Monday evening :)

Love love and spontaneouslove!!
Toffee xXxXx

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