Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Can I get a "Hoot hoot" ? NOTD (owls)

Being ill pays off with having fun with my nails :P

Hope you like these cute little owls and if you want to recreate I've made a tutorial below!

Step 1: Paint a base colour
This isn't needed but I think it looks weird with part of the natural nail showing. I used two coat Revlon 050 White On White as a base because white makes a nice blank canvas.

Step 2: Owl base
On the nails you want the owls, paint an oval in the colour that you want the owls to be. Here I have used two coats of Nails Inc in electric teal (for instyle).

Step 3: Ears and dots
On the nails that I didn't want owls, I've chosen to dot with the colours of the design. Using a small dotting tool or toothpick or brush, paint on little pointy ears at the top of the ovals. 

Step 4: Wings
To create the wings, I first drew curved lines using a brown shimmery nail art pen. 
And then filled them in to create two half ovals. 

Step 5: Eyes and Breast Feathers
Using a white nail art pen form Inglot, I created ovals for eyes and the breast feathers. This is just a curved w and curved v. 

Step 6: Finish off the eyes and add the beak
I added some of the brown shimmer polish to create irises and then a tiny white dot for the pupil. For the beak, using a small dotting too, I drew a brown triangle under the eyes. 

Step 7: Add glitter!

Glitter makes everything look better! Of course you don't have to add this but I like the shiny touch. I just layered glitter over the beak and wings to give sparkle to the owls. 

Step 8: Protect and shine
Paint a layer or two of top coat. I used two coats of 17 Double Gloss Top Coat to make sure the design is sealed in! Don't forget to leave to dry for a while otherwise your design may get dented or worse due to the amount of polish you have applied. 

And done!!

I hope you like my little owl nails :)

For the other hand, I just did polkadots using the same colours.

Love love and hootlove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. Aw too cute! I might give this a try one day :) great tut btw.

  2. stolen tutorial from a youtube video that was uploaded last week....

  3. OMG so cute !! I love color combination of this ! So autumn :)