Friday, 21 October 2011

So nail wraps aren't for me...

After the Eylure & Elegant Touch event, I was really excited to try their affordable Envy Wraps! I got two designs in my goody bag so I chose to try the Gold Bengal Metallic first.

I found the instructions and application really easy and simple, and there are 12 sizes to choose from to cater for your fingers and toes. These nail wraps recommend using a base coat and top coat, which I did (but you can buy some with base and top coat included). 

The wraps are shaped in a very square way which does not fit my nails at all as my natural nails taper out from the nail bed. This means that to cover my nail fully, I have to use a slightly bigger size wrap than one that fits from the cuticle. Once the wrap is on, it's very hard to cut off the excess around the edges, so I'm left with this!

It doesn't actually look that bad in real life, but it did annoy me and I had to peel off the wraps shortly after I applied them. Shame really, as the design looks pretty darn good!

However, they are super easy to use and the little nail file that comes with them works just perfectly to remove the excess wrap that isn't stuck. And after using it, you can fit it neatly into a bag, pocket or even wallet/purse for on-the-go use!

Elegant Touch Envy Wraps (£6.12 each) are available in 8 amazing designs, offering a smattering of 3D effects, animal prints and aztec options. With no spills, smudges or chips and no drying time or heat required for application, these really are the easy peasy option for ornate nails in a moment!

Nail wraps are great for people who don't have time or patience or tools to draw free hand designs or get your nails did the pro way. Also, you can get really intricate designs on your nails and metallic effects too! If you don't have kid's hands like me and weird shaped fingernails, then I would totally recommend these fun nail wraps :)

Love love and nailwraplove!!
Toffee xXxXx

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