Monday, 24 October 2011

My first Essie polishes!

I have and always will be an OPI enthusiast. I think it is the best brand of nail polishes around. I love the brushes, the colours (and names!), the bottle sizes, the treatment polishes and the formulae. Suffice to say it's my favourite brand and I have never gotten an OPI polish I don't like BUT I won't hesitate to branch out to others, especially if they have gorgeous shades!

My lovely mother got me two Essie polishes as a souvenir for me from her latest travels with the family to USA. I've always quite admired Essie from afar and have been on the verge of purchasing a few times but I just couldn't splurge on Essie when I knew I could get OPI.

These two sumptuous shades are my first ever Essie polishes! I've always heard that Essie polishes are hit or miss when it comes to their formulae but these two seem pretty good to me!

First up is 'sexy divide'. Described as a bold deep purple with hints of shimmer, this is a classic Toffee pick.

The other is 'beach bum blu'. Not something I would have chosen for myself, but I think I actually prefer a medium sea side blue pearl to the dark purple shade.

What do you think of these Essie shades? Do you have these in your collection already??

Love love and Essielove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. Both look great on you! :) I love Essie polishes!! I like OPI too though, but have more of Essie for some reason lol!

  2. I love that shade of blue! I've never tried any Essie polishes - I always feel like it's too pricey >< Xx