Saturday, 4 February 2012

Clarisonic Diary - Month 1

Woops at this being late!

So it's been one month since I started using the Clarisonic. It seems longer but also shorter at the same time... I'm very used to it being in my night time routine and I haven't forgotten to use it once! 

I love the amazing feeling I get when I touch my face now. This week, the Clarisonic actually ran out its charge. You'll start to notice that at the end of the minute it does a few little extra vibrates to tell you its running low. There's about 3 minutes left before it's out of power.

I didn't know this so I just keep using it and then one day I turned it on and it just did three little vibrates :( I knew it had run out then so I didn't get to use it that day. Instead, I just did small circular motions with the brush head. I charged it that day and was able to use it the next day.

I really noticed how good it felt after a full charge! It's probably psychological, but I feel it works better after a full charge :P

My skin is definitely a lot better than it was last month. I'm so happy to have invested in a great product that is helping my skin out :)

Next update is in another month x

Love love and clarisoniclove!!
Toffee xXxXx

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  1. i have just bought myself one and m not sure on it now!
    is it good for dry skin?