Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Happy Good Manners Day!!!!!

So today is the first annual Good Manners Day! 
May 1st 2012

Encouraging courtesy, politeness and good manners across the United Kingdom, Andrew Jackson started the Twitter account @GoodMannersUK and sent a text to Metro UK newspaper - which is how I found it and came to be a supporter.

With now 1, 300+ followers all over the UK, positive campaigns for good manners, politeness and courtesy across all areas of public life:
Encouraging people to say please & thank you, general courtesy and mutual respect
Encouraging good manners on public transport, e.g. Giving up seats for those less able to stand, and observing the guidelines in quiet zones.
Discouraging bad manners and poor behaviour, such as littering, spitting and swearing in public.

 Andrew Jackson says: “The aim of Good Manners UK is to eradicate poor behaviour and bad manners through the power of the internet! The membership is building from all across the country as people see the campaign as a beacon for change in our society. Good Manners Day on May 1st is a great way to bring our campaign into wider public view”.

So your mission today is to do a good deed and leave a comment telling me what you did!

And for you Twitteristas, don't forget to follow @GoodMannersUK and tweet your stories :)

Love love and goodmannerslove!!
Toffee xXxXx

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  1. I think all bloggers need to remind everyone this day...There is a whole lot of people in this world that lack good manners...including the blogging world. Hope you had a great day today!