Thursday, 3 May 2012

Prom Nails (Model's Own Ibiza Mix) NOTD

These nails can be recreated to match your prom dress! 

Glitter is a winner when it comes to life and I thought these are perfect for the prom season :D

Here is a basic step-by-step guide to achieve these sparkly nails.

Step 1: Nude Base Colour

For the first layer of polish, I choose a neutral shade. Either something similar, or a cream shade or white would work best. 

Step 2: Sponge on the tips 

Using a sponge, dab the polish that matches your prom dress over the tips of your nails. Gently dab towards the centre of the nails so it forms a gradient effect with the tips being the most opaque. You can even apply a layer of polish at the tip of your nail with the polish brush. 

Step 3: Add glitter!!

Now, in my experience, any glitter will do but definitely big glitter works well here. I used a couple of layers of Model's Own Ibiza Mix and I think it works great! Clean up the edges using a cotton bud and some nail polish remover :)

Step 4: Seal with a top coat

A layer (or two) of top coat will keep your nails shiny and stop any glitter falling off. Also, it will keep your manicure on longer so you can prepare your nails a day or two early!

I hope you have a wonderful prom!!

FYI I wore these to work because I don't have a prom and got some lovely compliments :)

Love love and glitterpromnailslove!!
Toffee xXxXx