Monday, 21 May 2012

Play the Peonies NOTD

This light shade is a pale pearlescent pink that gives a twist to the neutral look. 

However, the polish is rather sheer - even with two coats you can still see where my nail tips start. 

Definitely something to wear at the office and I think the pale cool shade works best with lighter skin tones but it would look great on short or longer nails. 

I didn't like how plain it looked without some embellishment and the fact that you could see when my nail tips started, so I used a nail art pen in red to just experiment with some fun designs.

Which nail is your favourite? The thumb is mine!

Love love and peonieslove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. It's such a sophisticated colour, very glam! do you buy the polish online? xx

    1. Yes, very suitable for professional environments. I bought it from ! x