Thursday, 24 February 2011

Cute Flower Nail Art NOTD

Hi lovelies!

I have another cutesy little nail art tutorial for you today :)

Step 1: Paint your nails.
I choose two colours for the background, but you don't have to. One or two colours won't distract from the flower detail.

Step 2: Layer up the background colours.
I choose to add white on the tips as it is the second background colour and it hints at a French manicure look.

Step 3: Pick your flower colour.
The flowers are made from dots so to do this, I placed a few drops of my chosen polish onto the back of a facemask packet. (You can just use foil or paper, but that is what I had handy :P).

Step 4: Place the first dot.
The dots form the petals of the flower, so make sure you keep in mind where you want to place the flowers on the nail.

Step 5: Place the second dot.
Touch the dots together to give it the flower a symmetrical look.

Step 6: Place the third dot.
(This is a running theme... ) Again, touch the dot to the previous dot but forming a circle.

Step 7: Place the fourth dot.
This forms the fourth petal of the flower.

Step 8: Finish the last petal with a fifth dot.
This finishes off the flower petals.

Step 9: Fill in the centre with a final dot.
This is not a necessity but will help if the petals are spread far apart.

Step 10: Add embellishment with another three dots.
(I've only shown the first dot here)

Step 11: Repeat on all chosen nails.
Because I'm using two colours for the flowers, I've only used the blue on some of my nails.

Step 12: Pick your next colour and repeat the previous steps to create more flowers.
I've chosen a pink for flowers on the rest of the nails and the empty spaces I left.

Step 13: Leave to dry.
This is quite an important step, as the layering of the polish will take a while to set.

Step 14: Add the flower centres.
For this part, I used my white Ingot nail art pen to dot the centre of the flowers with white polish but you can repeat the dot method above instead.

Hope you like these simple little flowers!

Love love and flowerlove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. very cute =] what exactly did you use to create the dots? toothpick? I use toothpick sometimes... or the thing that pushes your cuticle up. lol

  2. Very pretty, your nail art designs are always so creative! x

  3. very very very cute!!!
    this post is fantastic!
    follow u =D

  4. following u lovely lady, we have similar tastes!! check out my page some time im starting out!