Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Jelly Pong Pong (Reviews & Giveaway)

Jelly Pong Pong - doesn't that name just make you smile? :D

Let's start with Crystallizer!

(haha I really like this pic because if you look closely, you can see me taking it!)

This beautifully packaged product looks so chic sat on my desk :)

Rumour has it that this product was made by fairies! It's not difficult to see why... the shimmery sparkliness, the sweet colours, it's hard not to believe!

It comes with the softest puff that is probably made from donate fairy wing feathers and silk. The four magical gemstone powders are (starting from the top and going clockwise) Light Amethyst, Tanzanite, Firestone Ruby and White Crystal.

This is just a swatch on my hand, but there are many uses for this! I just love how it sparkles :P

You can add a little to a moisturiser to liven up a dull complexion, its great for use on the hair for an extra special shine, and brilliant to make the skin on your body glow :) I love putting some on my legs and décolletage when I go out!

Next up, we have the Venus Magical Pearls!

This beautiful product comes packaged in a what looks like a pearl! Very appropriate, with a twist off jar lid and a seal to stop any of the product beads escaping.

There are two uses to this product. First use is swirling the beads to give the Gossamer Highlight to cheekbones (or anywhere else you'd like).

Below is a swatch of the swirled silver. On the left of my hand, I dipped an eyeshadow brush into the pot and applied.

The second use of this product is to crush the beads!

Breaking the shell of the bead releases this gorgeous blue-y turquoise eyeshadow that blends beautifully and compliments almost all eyes :)

If you like the idea of this product but aren't too keen on the silver/turquoise combination, I urge you to check out the product on the Jelly Pong Pong website where there are four other colour combinations :) (Immortal and Worship are on my wish-list!)

And last up, here is the Shoe Palette!

This is such a clutch-friendly product! It's quite tiny (in a good way), thin and compact, and comes with a mirror which is great for touching up on-the-go! So cute and the colours are perfect for everyone!

The brown shade is a cream eyeshadow which can be used as a base or on its own :) If you wanted to, you could apply this to the lips to give a more mature look.

The white shade is actually a clear (or very sheer) lipgloss that has a decent sparkle to it! This gloss is actually a little glossier than the brown shade and so for this reason, I would not recommend putting this on the eyes. As a lip gloss though, it's great!

The swatches - the brown shade actually reminds me of a MAC Shadestick!

Now to the giveaway! I have some gorgeous products lined up from the Jelly Pong Pong range!

This is the Muffin & Meringue Gloss Set which is two tubes of lip gloss packaged so cutely!

And we also have the Soap Popsicle in Watermelon!

(The little green bow is so cute!)

So to be entered in this giveaway, comment on this post answering this:
If you could only have one hair style for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Giveaway ends 11.59pm GMT 15th February 2011. Open to international followers, must be a public follower and be over 18 or have permission to give me your personal information if you win. Don't forget to add your email address so I can contact you! Good luck :)

Love love and pongponglove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. It would be a very long, sleek, thick but slightly wavy hair thats my natural blonde colour I have now. I love elle and blair's hair (youtube girlies) so would love something like that. I'd beb able to do so much with it so I'd love to have that all my life!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!



  2. Totally sleek straight hair at top and waves at the bottom, long hair. with side bangs =D

    You totally know who I am hehe :)

  3. Ahh, I would probably go for wavy hair that was my light brown colour/maybe a bit darker. I'd also like it to be a bit longer in length - not too long as I figure I'd be too lazy to tame it most of the time though! ^^

    Thank you for the chance, the little soap is adorable! ^-^*


  4. Hmmmmm, that is a though question! I don't think that I can stick having my hair looking always the same cause I like to change styles a lot. But some kind of medium or short length style I guess I could live with!

    Email: acosmeticaffair@gmail.com

    Charlene xxxx

  5. If I could have one hairstyle for my whole life, it would have to been loose curly long hair!!! Its so pretty and I think I can still do alot with it :) Thank you so much for the giveaway too~
    email: lisang91 AT hotmail DOT com

  6. I would have crazy curly hair because i love the look of it. It is so free and wild. I have always had straight hair and would love curly hair all the time

  7. I would want long, straight, thick, shiny hair. My hair used to be like this, but over the past few years it has gotten curlier and thinner... and I don't know how to work with it! I'd love my old hair back.

  8. If i had to have one hairstyle it would have to be straight with loose angel curls at the bottom. I always see people in korean dramas with it and it looks so pretty and seems to always be on trend! It's also a mixture of straight and curls which is cool :D


  9. for me, it would be a sleek short bob. if i want to be girly for that day, i can wear a headband or a barette.
    on other days, i will leave it just like that.

    it's fun , flirty and can be girly or tomboyish depending on how you style it.

    my email is touche_mouse@hotmail.com and this is a fun question!! XD

  10. I'd love to say an extravagent hairstyle, but i'm so lazy. I'd love to have perfectly smooth waves with a voluminous fringe thats swept back a little. Only cos i can never get my hair to do that ever! x I've been following you via Bloglovin' but I've become a public gfc follower as well ^-^

  11. Hi,
    enter me ,please!
    I really love long , strong hair and of course shiny, just like now.
    I follow you via GFC (Camelia Andrasescu)

  12. heya hun, fab giveaway! would love to be entered :) im already following you via gfc. hmm if i were to have one hairstyle for life it would deffo be smooth, shiny waist length locks with a few waves..something I'm trying to aim for right now! lol!


  13. If i could only have one hairstyle, i would like to have very sleek hair with layers. like bubzbeauty or like you at the picture up there at your blog. :)

    Thanks for this giveaway, thats really nice of you :)


  14. Hi! My dream is having lighter hair (blonde for example) but it would be too demanding because of the regrowth, so if I could have one hairstyle I would like medium length, wavy and rich chocolate coloured hair.
    I send you a big kiss.
    my e mail is valenspervoi@hotmail.it

  15. I think I would have my hair cut in a Pob as I really like that it adds interest to your look without looking boring :)



  16. I'd choose my current hair colour (light brown) but add subtle blond and auburn highlights, and a soft wave so that it framed my face and fell to my shoulder blades. :) I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485

    Kate1485 at hotmail.com

  17. Thats soap Popsicle actually looks delicious. LOL