Saturday, 26 February 2011

Let the dull be dull - Haul & OOTD

I saw this on the floor outside Leicester Square Station when I was waiting for some friends on Thursday. I took a picture as I quite liked the words.

I think it's quite fitting for my outfit :)

Roshi Floral Dress bought from The Clothes Show Live
White Long-Sleeved Top from H&M
Black Tights from New Look (they are a heavy duty denier, since I get cold easily)

Haha, please ignore my stupid faces :P

The cream lace is beaded with fake plastic pearls but I thought it needed a proper looking at :)

This is very attention grabbing and therefore no necklace is needed!
(I forgot to put earrings in though, and if you're wondering what's in my hair, its a little bow!)

Took a trip to Sally's on Shaftesbury Avenue and grabbed a set of the O.P.I. Katy Perry Mini Nail Lacquers collection.

(This is with flash!)
The colours are:
Pearlescent green - Not Like the Movies
Pink glitter - Teenage Dream
Blue glitter - Last Friday Night
Deep ruby red - The One That Got Away

(This is without flash)
They're so teeny and cute and fit into my little hands!
I'm so excited to play with these gems :P

I picked up this hair teasing brush too :) Will be great for future tutorial!

Stopped by Selfridges to take a peak at the new MAC Wonder Woman collection and so obviously there were some artists body painting a man. Standard, right?

Also, found a GIANT Hello Kitty in M&S! Those are kiddie's clothes next to it but it's still pretty humongous!

Hope you like!

Love love and dulllove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. OMG! I wish there was such an awesome display for MAC Wonder Woman in Singapore! :\

    I love your outfit! (:

  2. In the Philippines too! Oh I wish I could get some heavy duty tights too. Will get those opi polishes soon!

  3. I love the colour for Last Friday Night, and your outfit is very sweet. I especially like the lace detailing as well. xxx

  4. I have that mini set as well! I got it at Sally Beauty Supply in Bath. I only go their occasionally though because it is a bit far for me to go, the two nearest stores to me are trade only!! It is great set! I love Teenage dream and have been liking Not like the movies recently.
    A great combo is two coats of Not like the movies and one coat of teenage dream on top! It comes out a gorgeous sparkley purpley colour!