Friday, 16 December 2011

Make A Wish (Xmas 2011 Lush Magic Wand Review)

I first saw this on Charli's blog (Secrets Behind The Closet Door) who I met at the Aussie-versary party last week. I knew I had to run out and get it as soon as I read "snow fairy" and "bubble bar". Read Charli's post here :)

I love Lush's innovations and I always look forward to this time of year when they bring out Snow Fairy!

A re-usable bubble bar version of snow fairy just combined the two best products of Lush.

"Swish this enchanted Snow Fairy scented wand around your bath again, again and again for lots and lots of candy scented, magic filled bath time bubbles."

When I took this little bathtime treat to the till, the sales girl told me that it lasts about 5-6 baths but I have a feeling that's when you're being indulgent and swirling it around the water for a few minutes. I shall have to test out my theory but Charli showed a picture of hers after 6 baths and it still looked like it had a good  half of the bar left!

I actually put the star under my running tap for a few seconds (more like a minute...) and instantly the water turned pink and lovely frothy bubbles appeared!

The bubbles were fluffy and plenty but they did die down quite quickly. Then again, I quite liked that when I got out I didn't have to hose myself down to de-bubble and I don't feel bad leaving a bath full of bubbling glory. Also, the pinky-ness diluted into a slight hint...

My skin was left soft and the scent of the bath smelled like candy floss and just completely relaxed me into a sleepy mood - I'm falling asleep writing this zzZzzZzzZZzZzzzzz...

I love the little bell and pink string that makes it look like a shooting star!

Love love and magicwandlove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. I plan to have a bath with this tonight and now I'm even more excited to use it haha! Thanks for the review :-) xx

  2. I love Lush. I bought some Snow Fairy the other day and also I got a few gift boxes to send to my friends. I just LOVE the smell of the place!

    1. Wooop! Sometimes the overwhelming Lush scent makes me feel a bit sick but I do like it in there :)

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  4. This sounds like a lovely product, unfortunately I don't have a bath

    1. That's so sad :( You should get Snow Fairy which is a shower gel in the same scent! It's amazing x

  5. i should have gotten this when i was in lush last time!
    such a bummer!