Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Mini Origins Haul!

Hey there ^^

Ever since I saw this product on Anna's blog, Vivianna Does Makeup, I have wanted this. Link to her review is here. I've also seen that the lovely Jo from Beautylicious Love post a review too :)

I picked this up today from my local House of Fraser as there is quite a large Origins counter there and I knew I'd be able to grab it before work. 

On first impressions, the Origins Super Spot Remover has a scent. It's not unpleasant, it's quite hygienic smelling but some may be put off by this. It's actually a gel which is quite weird since it's packaged in a mini bottle, but it's so cute and perfect for carrying around with you for on-the-go use. It dries nicely on the skin (probably because of the alcohol) but there is a slight tight feeling if you apply it over an area, rather than just focus on one spot. 

I thought the customer service I received was great! After picking the product I wanted, the sales assistant asked me if I needed help with anything else and she was able to answer my question (Q: Can the Super Spot Remover be used over makeup? A: Yes!) easily - knowing your products, yes! As I was paying for it, she asked me if I was signed up with Origins to receive their samples of new products they make. I was not, so she gave me a card to fill out and take my details so I could get said samples. Then after paying, she gave me my product and a free little sample (15ml) of A Perfect World moisturizer that suits my skin!

So far, Origins gets two big thumbs up from me, and I don't even know if the products work for me yet! However, if they don't work out I know I can pop to the counter and pick up something more suitable, be greeted by a friendly face and lots of products to choose from :)

I'm so excited to try this product as it's been raved about! I really hope it works for me and I will definitely be reviewing it if it does :D

Love love and originslove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. unfortunately i don't have origin near me but m wanting the spot remover thingy for my bf he always gets spots

    1. Haha awh, poor him! I think you can purchase it online :) x