Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bourjois Burgundy NOTD

I am obsessed with burgundy at the moment. It's currently my favourite colour and I found this nail polish hidden in my collection from about 4 years ago now!

It's my only Bourjois polish but I think it's a great one to have. 

I added a little star in the corner of both my middle fingernails to give it a touch of sparkle!

The shade is number 8. It makes me sad when companies don't give colours names... sometimes that's the fun part and attracts you to the polish even more... well maybe that's just me!

There are two cons to this polish for me:
1. The brush
I think this brush is such a good idea, but for girls with smaller nails, it just doesn't work! I get the polish all over my fingers because the brush is just a mammoth size compared to others. I think OPI have got the perfect size brushes.
2. When removing the polish, your hands get covered in pinky-red dye from the nail polish remover mix with the polish and you might look like you killed someone recently...

(sorry this picture is a little blurry...)

I do LOVE this colour though and even my mother complimented me on it ;)

Love love and burgundylove!!
Toffee xXxXx

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