Friday, 13 January 2012

Irrisistible Nail Art GLITTERRR NOTD

My life is so sparkly right now!!!!!!

For an intense glitter look on your nails, try Irrisistible Nail Art Glitters! These are great and can be used in many different ways on many different nails including acrylics, gels, fibreglass/silk nails, minx and shellac too. 

I love this silver holographic loose glitter and so I applied to my natural nails. 

The first method is to add the glitter to a clear polish and then apply the mixture. I didn't really fancy buying a clear polish to try this method so I used the second method which gave me a great sparkle!

The instructions said to use a base and top coat so I prepped my nails with some O.P.I. Nail Envy.

Firstly, paint your nail with a clear polish. In my case, I used 17 Double Gloss Top Coat.  Then dip your still wet nail into the pot of glitter.

I tapped off the excess into the lid so I could pour it back into the jar. I had to brush some of the glitter from my skin using a dry finger.

But it really sticks well :)

 I applied more top coat after sufficient drying time (about 5 mins). I waited for the top coat to dry and then added another. I like a smooth-ish feel to the nails so I did 4 coats in total :P

My nails just sparkle so much more in bright light, so here is a flash picture :)

I'm sure I'll be able to use these in nail designs, specifically applying the wet polish in certain areas or even mix a little into a drop on some paper and then use a nail art brush to apply! 

Possibly difficult to remove, but that is the price you pay for glitter on your nails! Also, the 5 (total) coats of polish thicken up together making it quite easy to pick off after a while ;)

What do you think of these types of nail glitters??

Love love and irrisistibleglitterlove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. I have these too, I've used them so far by adding them to some a clear polish, I made a lovely silvery pink glitter polish. May have to try dipping my finger in for ultimate sparkle! xx

    1. Nice :) I wonder what they'd be like mixed into coloured polishes, not just clear. But deffo try the dip technique! I would try just the tip if you're unsure how much sparkle you want x

  2. Oooh this is super gorgeous! I would love to try it but I would probably lose my mind when I'd have to take it off - glitter is such a pain to remove! x

    1. Actually, because it's such a thick consistency when it's like this and with 4-5 layers of topcoat polish too, it's really easy to pick off. I used my tweezers to help and got it all off (both hands) within 15 mins :) x