Monday, 23 January 2012

CNY 2012 NOTD & Tutorial

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!

May the Dragon being you great prosperity, luck and good fortune to you and your family!

I created this red and gold nail look so that you can all bring some Chinese culture to your daily lives :)

Prepstep: Prep the nails

This isn't a step I normally include (although I always do it) but because we're working with red, a base coat should help prevent any staining on the natural nails. I used two coats of OPI Nail Envy Matte and one coat of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat.

Step 1: Paint the nails

Using any red of your choice (I used Maybelline Express Finish Lacquer in Cerise/Cherry), cover your nails with two coats to get a nice even opaque colour.

Step 2: Create the gold diagonal

This gold diagonal is a little trickier than a straight diagonal so I split it into two steps.
~ a ~

Using the brush with a small amount of polish, make three curves on the diagonal of your nail.

~ b ~

Fill in the gap! (I used myface.cosmetics Lil' Bling nail polish in Gilt-y)

Step 3: Add gold glitter

I used Nails Inc Chelsea Embankment to cover the gold polish to make my nails sparkle!

Step 4: Outline the diagonal

I decided I needed some red glitter too so I used a red glitter striper polish (Zhiyu Glitter striper polish in Red) to outline the diagonal and add even more sparkle!

You can end here and just apply a top coat if you want, you don't have to write the Chinese word (Fu ~ a well-wishing word meaning something like fortune) but I've included a little step-by-step so you can, if you want :)

Step 5: Draw the Chinese word

I just used my Inglot Nail Art Enamel in 36 Black to write the word.

Step 6: Apply a top coat

To be honest, my Chinese writing sucks. Especially on nails!!

I hope you all have a great year of the Dragon!

Love love and CNYlove!!
Toffee xXxXx

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