Friday, 20 January 2012

XO XO Gossip Girl NOTD

This is the Lily collection (there are three, the other two are Blair & Serena). 

Two coats of Lily give this yummy rich dark plum shade. The colour is a bit too dark for me though so I doubt I'll be wearing it often. It's sort of reminiscent of OPI Linkin Park After Dark.

The formula of this polish didn't seem the best. It was quite thick and seemed quite dry so it wasn't easy to apply to the nails. I think if it was a little more on the liquid side it would be a dream to apply and would be opaque in one coat. 

High Society is where all the magic happens and the entire reason I bought this set. 

This polish is packed full of beautiful shiny flakes that are sort of holographic. In different lights you can see them show yellow, orange and green. 

It does seem to show mostly green in most lights.

But doesn't it remind you of GOSH Rainbow? Why did they discontinue that gorgeous polish?!

Do you own any of the Nails Inc Gossip Girl collections??

Love love and xoxolove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. This looks like Topshop Gypsy Night, one of my faves! xx

  2. Ugh, do they sell this in Canada?!?!?! :( I want it..