Saturday, 14 January 2012

Clarisonic Diary - Day 6

I wore a full face of make up today so I decided I would remove my make up before using the Clarisonic. So before I got in the shower, I used two pumps of the Laneige Cleansing Oil (similar to Shu Uemura) onto my dry made up face to melt the product off. Then I rinsed my face, left it wet and applied my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish as normal. 

The cream doesn't stick so well to a wet face but nevertheless, I buffed my skin with the Clarisonic. Similar results as before and it still seems to be doing wonders with the texture of my skin. I did notice a slight bit of redness today but that just means the blood flow is stimulated which helps with repair and things. 

So all is good still :)

Love love and clarisoniclove!!
Toffee xXxXx


  1. Loving your Clarisonic updates :) I have been using mine for 10 days now and I am really liking it xx

    1. Thanks, sweets! Me toooo (as I'm sure you have read!) x